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This is the icon journal of kikoshou. Original name, right?

Every one of my icon posts are listed in the memories, so please search through them before asking for anything. Resources, affiliates and extra information can be found in the information below.

Layout overrides are from refuted.

COMMENT to tell me which icon(s) you are taking. If you're going through any old posts, please leave a comment on the most recent entry and just notify me that you're going through the old archives. This way, you won't have to leave a comment on every one of the entries that you go through. It makes it easier for both of us.

CREDIT when you upload my icon(s). I spend my own time to make these and if you don't give credit people won't know where to find them. If I find an icon of mine with no credit, you will be notified. You can credit either this mesmeriseicons or mesmerise.

DON'T CUSTOMIZE my icons. How I make them is how I want them to look. Textless icons are never, never, never bases.

DON'T HOTLINK my icons. It takes up my bandwidth and I have to wait a period of time before it comes back, or I have to get another photobucket for a host. Upload the icon to your own server and upload it from there.

Everything is listed on the resources page.

Awards that I have won for my icons can be found here.

Tutorial 01: Will Turner

Wanna be one? Comment on my most recent entry.

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